Luigi Pasquini is a sound engineer, music producer and musician based in Glasgow, Scotland.

After years spent freelancing, he opened his first recording studios, located in Glasgow City Centre - Anchor Lane Studio - in September 2018.

His approach towards recording involves treating each project as entirely unique, listening to what the band or artist wants to communicate with their work and then using his experience, equipment and imagination to make that happen.

Luigi isn't afraid to break with convention and adapt his style to the band’s aesthetic. As such he often does fully live sessions, with or without overdubs, as well as more standard multitrack projects where songs are built from scratch, one ingredient at a time, using few or multiple microphones, playing to the strengths of the act and exploring their instruments and the recording space . 

Many Luigi’s productions have been/are regularly featured on BBC Radio 6, BBC4, BBC Scotland and other main radios (including a couple of albums featured on Iggy Pop’s own radio show on BBC Radio!).

Previous clients include Trembling Bells, Alex Rex, Alasdair Roberts, Flew The Arrow, Tomorrow Syndacate, The Kidney Flowers, Helicon, Lizabett Russo, Acid Cannibals, Trembling Bells and Stevie Jackson (Belle and Sebastian), The Cosmic Dead, Anxiety, Outblinker + Benjamin Power (Blank Mass, Fuck Buttons), Ubre Blanca, The Crossmakers, Flying Penguins, Smack Wizards and many, many others .

Luigi’s recordings have been released on a number of UK and international record labels, including Riot Season, Hominid Sound, Drag City Records, Tin Angel, Denovali Records, Giallo Disco, Evil Hoodoo Records, Sound of Cobra, Bad Elephant, La Vida Es Un Mus, Drone Rock Records and Monorail Music and many others.

Luigi loves synthesisers and hates pineapple on pizza.